NaNo 2016: Dawn of the Third Day!...lots of days remain.

I think day three of NaNoWriMo is pretty important. Day One is all about getting started, Day Two is feeling out your permanence. Day Three? This is the day when you realize you are actually IN your project, for better or worse.

On Day Three, most of us are in the 6,000 word range, some of us a little more. I'm over 8,000 myself, moving into the third chapter of my manuscript. So, on Day Three, how do you feel? 

Writing truly comes down to pattern behavior. Coming up with your story is fun, creating your story is fun, but to be able to continue day after day, you have to live in a pattern. Whether you want to write or not, you have to decide on a minimum time or minimum word count for yourself, and hit that. Once you're there, writing is the same thing, every day (it's not, but you know what I mean).

But NaNo Day Three? You're into your story now. Your characters are starting to sound like real people. Your story is starting to sound like a real story. You've created enough that by this point, to quit would be a waste. And why would you quit? You've only just started!

So keep going, day after day. Put in your word count for Day Three, before work or after, (or if it's your day off, awesome!) and really let your story go.

Some things to remember from this point forward:

Don't take yourself too seriously. This is a first draft, have fun.

Implement things into your story that maybe you didn't think of during worldbuilding. Believe me, it's fun. You can surprise yourself.

Let your characters do things that you didn't plan for. They are real people.

Your story should feel organic. If you're forcing part of it, let that go and try a different avenue.

Take breaks. Drink caffeine. And find a way to reward yourself as you move on to Day Four.