"Yeah, yeah. What the hell. I'll do it," Njorun said.

Brandon R. Chinn was raised on books, video games, board games, trading card games, and the untamed wild of Washington State. A writer, artist, and reader since middle school and earlier, he has toyed with various college degrees and real-world jobs aside from writing. In the last five years, his dabbling with the storytelling craft has bloomed into a lifelong desire.

Kognition: First Fragment began as Brandon's test into self-publishing (and a test of self-will), and has turned into a four part epic based on a huge variety of things, mostly other fictions. With a severe eye for detail, the Kognition series is filled with references to mythology, video games, philosophy, theology, and various other interesting things. His Kognition series is available on Amazon, Lulu, iBooks, Nook, Kindle, and any local bookstore (just ask them to order it!).

While Kognition is his first series, and nearing its conclusion with one book left to go after Third Trial, it is far from his last. Brandon has written dark fantasy, meta science fiction, and romantic science fiction, all in various stages of development with many novels looming on the horizon.