What's you're writing style/process like?

I'm a daily writer. I like the way Stephen King does it: two thousand words a day, no ifs, ands, or buts. While sometimes I fail in actually getting my daily word minimum done (like today!), I write enough to put everything out that I want to. First Fragment was written in two months, Second Stage was written in three, Third Trial was written in almost four, and all three books will have been self-published in my first year of doing so.

How did you plan out the Kognition Cycle?

First Fragment came to me when I was on a walk near the ocean one day in October 2012, during a replay of .hack//Infection. I just thought about all the parts of that series and genre that I loved so much, added in everything that I wanted to add, and eventually my drafts turned into something all their own. 

How many influences does Kognition have?

Truthfully? Probably hundreds. The ones that jump to mind are .hack, Xenosaga, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Final Fantasy, and some Sandman.

Mostly video game influences?

I'm a strange author. While I LOVE to read, video games are my first and absolute love in fiction. I thought it best to start off my career with a novel series themed around them.

I found X mistake in KFF/KSS!

Hey man, Kognition is my first go and First Fragment was entirely written, edited, formatted, and et cetera by yours truly. Second Stage is better, and Third Trial is better still. Plus, there's a special Anniversary Volume on the way for the first two books.

What do you use to write with?

My laptop and Scrivener. If you write often and you don't use Scrivener, shame on you.

I have more questions!

Sweet! Contact me on Tumblr (brandonrchinn.tumblr.com) or email me at brandonrchinn@gmail.com

More info about my writing, the process, my inspiration, my novels, and my poetry available on my Tumblr blog.