"Kognition's strength lies in the way Brandon Chinn develops his characters and the evolving world in which they live. Intimate tales in the backdrop of virtual reality socialization, shady companies, and the ever confusing times of high school takes very precise skill, and it's one Chinn has in spades.”  

-Myles Griffin, The More You Nerd podcast


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Volume One now available! This special, collected edition features a gorgeous hardcover edition and both First Fragment and Second Stage in the author's preferred text, with new cover art and design. This edition also features two short stories featuring Lisa Perdita and Hayden Itagaki.

The Kognition Cycle: First Fragment + Second Stage (Now Available!)

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This collected volume contains Kognition: First Fragment, Kognition: Second Stage, and two short stories that further elaborate on the lives of Lisa Perdita and Hayden Itagaki.

In Kognition: First Fragment, we are introduced to Lisa Perdita, the player behind the infamous player-persona of Njorun, the Cataclysm, PvP goddess of Midgard. While exploring a seemingly innocuous keyword area, Njorun stumbles upon a dying player, one who is unlike any other. It is then that Njorun realizes that there is more to Kognition than it appears, and that the company behind the game---Circle Systems---might be doing more than providing a virtual world for users to explore.

In Kognition: Second Stage, the dramatic end of First Fragment opens the way to darker truths as Njorun must battle through the Ginnungagap, the trash server of Kognition's Midgard as she tries to help a strange boy named Sam.


Kognition: Third Trial (Released Oct 29, 2014!)


Lisa Perdita is in trouble, and it is up to her friends Hayden Itagaki and Sven Abel to save her! After creating a new player-persona named Gefjun, Hayden rallies a group of like-minded player-personas together to try and find the elusive Njorun while simultaneously protecting the players of Kognition from Circle System's increasingly nefarious scheme of control.

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Kognition: Final Fight (Released July 14, 2016!)

In the final, explosive entry of the Kognition Cycle, Njorun, Gefjun, Tempest, Wanderer, Mime and Gylfi must come together against Circle Systems once and for all, before they can utilize Kognition to control the players and change humankind forever. With Woodbird at their side, and Circle Systems' own abilities at their fingertips, Njorun and Gefjun must seek out the truth behind the Valkyries, Midgard, the animus, and the purpose of the game before it's too late.

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The Kognition Cycle and Kognition series copyright Brandon R. Chinn, 2016.

Kognition series art and design by Sabrina Salamon, 2013-2016.