Blog Entry #12: Resurrection

The Kognition Cycle: First Fragment + Second Stage is available in hardcover and on your favorite eReading device! Happy release day!

Wow. Almost two years ago I released First Fragment on kindle alone. And then I made it available in softcover. And then I changed stuff. And then I released Second Stage. And then I---

Well, anyways, here we are. The Kognition Cycle: First Fragment + Second Stage is the definitive edition of both of these stories, the first half of the series now available in my preferred text along with new short stories, presented in hardcover (if you so wish). This has been a labor of love for sure, but I am so happy about the finished product. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed creating it.

(Also, I will have another blog entry up soon about the changes and why this new edition is the preferred text, and even why I now consider the other two versions of the books non-canonical. Oops).