Blog Entry #10: New Year, New Projects

Hello 2015! Hopefully most of you are already well under way with your own projects (or at least heavily thinking about them). I know my fellow writers, poets, artists, designers, and creators of all kinds have the daunting task of turning 2015 into something meaningful, and January is a great month to just churn through the idea engine.


2015 is the year of Kognition for me. 2015 will see the release of both Kognition: Volume One, a hard cover collected special edition of First Fragment and Second Stage, as well as Kognition: Fourth (tentatively titled), the penultimate book in the adventures of Lisa Perdita and Hayden Itagaki. Volume One should see the light on day around March, and Kognition: Fourth this summer.

After that, there are many new novels and projects underway, and I am excited about all of them.

I'm hoping to use 2015 to spruce this blog up a bit, using the blog portion of it to talk about other books, video games, movies, TV shows and the like, as well as putting regular entries into the Codex Animus, a database that will have detailed information on the characters, terms, and places in the Kognition Cycle's Midgardian universe.

As always, thanks for reading, and cheers.